Crush #174 – Chinese & German Shoegaze

Apple Music Playlist

Episode featuring shoegaze by both Chinese and German shoegaze/dreampop/noisepop artists!!
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving <3

“Glass Moth II” – White Wave
“Jesus & Mary No Chain” – No One Remains Virgin
“穿越河流 Over” – Skip Skip Ben Ben

“How To Prove Where You Are” – Gatsby in a Daze
“Ado” – Lucid Express
“Dragon In You” – Malory

“The Past Years” – Somewhere Underwater
“Metoo” – Angel Baby
“Little Child” – Tut

“Dreams Of Mid-Summer” – Dear Eloise
“Wie finden wir uns” – Die Heiterkeit
“Fire & Ember” – Trautonist