111421 sunday special – 当代 (dang dai)

this week’s sunday special is a tour of contemporary (the title means contemporary in chinese!) underground chinese experimental electronic music, ranging from club to house to industrial !! adjective adjective adjective noun heehee funnee
hope you enjoy !! – karina

link to the playlist here

track list:

Foreign Flowers – Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix // Howie Lee
Day Trip // Me:Mo
Dancing While Dreaming // Demone

走不出的梦境 (A Dream That Can’t Be Walked Out) // Guzz
千鸟 (Countless Flying Birds) // Guzz
Symmetry // 33EMYBW

they blossom // gooooose
Banyan Metropolis // Temple Rat
Mongolia Princess – Original Mix // Temple Rat

背部按摩 (Back Massage) // Kaishandao
Day // iLoop
Peking Man // Radiax

Club Simulation // Sonia Calico
Doll // Sonia Calico
Iridescent Vision // Sonia Calico, Taj Raiden

Acceleration // RUI HO
The Crystal Chamber // Wisefake
Aegis Rim Sound // LimboLimbs

Flickering Shadows // Laughing Ears
4 Floors of Whores // Tzusing
Nature Is Not Created In The Image of Man’s Compassion // Tzusing

工 (Co-Workers) // 魏濛 (Wei Meng)
冬虫夏草 (Cordyceps Sinensis) // 33EMYBW
Sensi // SHAO

Save Him From The Glass // Kelvin T
過腸 (Intestinal Passenger) // Mice
Long Journey // Zaliva-D