grrl rock! punktober ep. 3- 10/19/21

grrl rock! continued its punktober series with another week of the best in punk music. Playlist here and picks below:

Jennifer’s Body // Hole
Trophy Wifey // Partyline
Babydoll // Slant 6
Okay // Skinny Girl Diet

My Red Self // Heavens to Betsy
What Kind of Monster Are You? // Slant 6
Ugly // Diode
Bless Your Little Heart // The Velveteers

Golden // Grandmas House
You’re Standing On My Neck // Honeyblood
Life’s a Joke // Surfbort
Your Mom // THICK

In the Red // The SoviettesĀ 
Nighttoad // Kleenex
Eating Toothpaste // Bratmobile
Boys Wanna Be Her // Peaches

I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool // Kate Fagan
Forsythia // Veruca Salt
Lethal Lolita // Red aunts
Tish Le Dire // Chandra