grrl rock! 10/5/21- punktober episode 1

This episode marks the first installment of grrl rock’s punk series. Tune in every Tuesday in October for the best in punk music from girl rockers new and old.


Prehistoric Worm // Melkbelly
St. Tropez // Spread Joy
Girl Riot // The Aquadolls
Cool Schmool // Bratmobile

Subete Urimoto // Aunt Sally
Girlfriend Degree // The Paranoyds
The Queen Rules // Gum Country
Heartbeat // Oceanator

Getting Nowhere Fast // Girls At Our Best!
I Love Seattle // Tacocat
Special Guest, Me // Excuse 17
Hunger for a Way Out // Sweeping Promises

Spotted Gold // Stef Chura
I Wanna Keep Yr Dog // illuminati hotties
Cruel // Gustaf
I Am // WAAX

Saturday // Remember Sports
Super Crush // Tiger Trap
IDK U // Suzie True
I Wanna Be A Punk Rocker // T-rextasy

Flip Flop // Yucky Duster
Play the Field // Partner
Take It Off // The Donnas