Gold Soundz 10.26.21

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Halloweek Gold Soundz episode and all its spooky music! You can find the playlist on spotify here! Happy Halloween!

Ghosting // Mother Mother
Witches // Alice Phoebe Lou
vampire banquet // Fox Academy
Halloween // Phoebe Bridgers

Mystery // Jesse Jo Stark
we fell in love in october // girl in red
Afraid of the Dark // The Frights
Witchcraft // Graveyard Club

Graveyard’s Full // The Growlers
Black Magic // Magic Wands
Ghost on the Highway // L.A. Witch
Witch Love // Nico Yaryan

Howl // Alexandra Savior
Halloween // marinelli
Werewolf Heart // Dead Man’s Bones¬†
Zombie // Cranberries