Crush #171 – hallow’s eve

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halloween episode with some spooky-sounding shoegaze/noise-pop/dream-pop!!

“See Through You” – The Meeting Places
“Fuyu No Hachiouji” – My Dead Girlfriend
“Amelia” – Cocteau Twins

“Ghost” – Lazy Legs
“Demons Sing Love Songs” – Unwound
“Vampire” – Plastic Girl in Closet

“Dawning” – Tamaryn
“Spooky Vibes” – Blind Mr. Jones
“I Don’t Love” – Have A Nice Life

“Barramundi” – This Mortal Coil
“Sneaky Creatures” – Halou
“Land of Nothingness” – Echodrone

“Lollita” – A.R. Kane