Crush #170

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Special guest host episode with Karina of Girl Rock!!

“Sweetness and Light” – Lush
“Elizabeth” – LSD and the Search for God
“Wandering, I” – Sunbeam Sound Machine

“Preoccupation” – Black Marble
“Visions of Someone Special, On a Wall of Reflections” – Melody’s Echo Chamber
“You Should Be Hated Here” – Carissa’s Wierd

“Chaos Magic” – Death Hags
“Holy Forest” – Pinkshinyultrablast
“Michael” – Beachy Head

“Memory Pools” – Foxes In Fiction
“Sad Dream” – Plastic Girl in Closet
“Flutter” – julie

“Blister” – Lazy Legs
“Air Supply” – Sweet Trip
“Sigh’s Smell of Farewell” – Cocteau Twins