Tokyo Dreams 9/14/2021

All that is solid melts into air: 10 years of vaporwave - Loud And Quiet

We’ve got a great Vaporwave lineup for this week. Hope you like it!

Lazerhawk | Star Hustler
Whitewoods | Beach Walk
憂鬱 | Slow
Emil Rottmayer | W.A.V.E (Bonus Track)
Cosmic Cycler | Sunset Highway (w channel select)
Various Artists; Bill Kiley | Sneaky Driver
Windows 96 | Deep Swim
憂鬱 | Sun
glue70 | Highway Broken
Krosia | Azur
FrankJavCee | SimpsonWave1995
Voyage | Paradise
Skylar Spence | Private Caller
luxury elite | Midnight
Whitewoods | Somber Waves