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Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from Friday, June 18 (“That Really Sticks in my Craw”). Episode 492

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“Register My Complaints” by the Occasion

Charlie shares what is stuck in his craw.

“Agitated” by the Electric Eels

Marlee shares what is stuck in her craw.

“Old Fashioned Way” by Lupine

Wendy shares what is stuck in her craw.

“Any Time is Primetime” by Primetime

Ameet shares what is stuck in his craw.

“Everything Put Together Falls Apart” by Paul Simon

Fred shares what is stuck in his craw.

“On the Sunny Side of the Street” by Louis Armstrong

Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks on June 25!

Tokyo Dreams – 6/17/21

Light in the Attic to Release Japanese “City Pop” Compilation | Pitchfork

A chill night for Tokyo Dreams


  1. Miki Matsubara | Mayonaka no Door / Stay With Me
  2. 秋元薫 | Dress Down
  3. MesmoLate | Flyday Chinatown by Yasuha
  4. Anri | Remember Summer Days
  5. Miki Matsubara | Aitsu no Brown Shoes
  6. Macross 82-99 | 『82.99 F.M』
  7. Miki Matsubara | Bay City Romance
  8. 秋元薫 | 我がままなハイヒール
  9. Anri | Good Bye Boogie Dance
  10. Miki Matsubara | Wash
  11. Yung Bae | Fly With Me
  12. 1986 Omega Tribe | 君は1000%
  13. Macross 82-99 | 水野 亜美AMY

Spotify Playlist:

Crush #155

Spotify Playlist

"Hesitancy" - Hellens
"Beach Place" - Talking Violet
"Fall Behind" - Alcian Blue

"Let It Go" - The Black Ryder
"The Dead Are Dumb" - Nothing
"Never Came Close" - Belong

"Inhale" - Conheartist
"Summertime" - Ringo Deathstarr
"When the Sun Hits" - Slowdive
"Deep Lake" - Film School

"French" - They Are Gutting a Body of Water
"Las Nubes Pasar" - La Suma de Todos los Tiempos
"Sleep Cycle" - Retrieval

Girl Rock! 6/14/21

Girl Rock!’s most recent episode highlighted queer artists from a range of genres. Enjoy!

“Pedestrian at Best” – Courtney Barnett
“What You Do for Love” – Skunk Anansie
“Flirting with Her” – Sir Babygirl
“IDK” – Phoebe Green

“They / Them / Theirs” – Worries
“Queer Like Me” – Oux
“Vitamin T” – KERA
“More Than a Friend” – GIRLI

“Shut Up Kiss Me” – Angel Olsen
“Pink Pony Club” – Chappell Roan
“Habanero” – Rosie Tucker

“Georgia” – Brittany Howard
“Berlin” – Adult Mom
“Sappho” – Ruby Shore
“Blue Honey” – Lunar Vacation

“High School” – UMI
“Cuff Your Jeans” – Claud
“Sunburn” – King Princess
“Vacation” – Florist

“Helen of Troy” – Palmer St. Clair
“Ketchum, ID” – Boygenius (Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus)
“50ft.” – Lauren Jauregui
“Green Eyes” – Arlo Parks

“More Women” – Saâda Bonaire
“Something To Say” – Michaela Jaé
“Cherry” – Rina Sawayama
“forever” – Shura

“No One” – Ah-Mer-Ah-Su
“Liz” – Remi Wolf
“Murder In The Dark” – Gia Ford
“Goals_” – SuperKnova

“Rapture” – Koffee
“Leaving (Laura Les Remix)” – Katie Dey, Laura Les

slow riot 6/14/21 — we walk together a mile between us infinity finitely infinite

the seven fields of aphelion — slow subtraction
helm — i knew you would respond
hood — the winter hit hard
okkyung lee — the space beneath my grey heart
olli aarni — haalea
indignant senility — untitled i
kk null — invocation
xiphiidae — untitled
lingua ignota — in tongues
lingua ignota — agnus dei
grischa lichtenberger — 0319 28 fuenf grns 21a rej+b2 – thinking from the future
ghedalia tazartes — un amour si grand qu’il nie son objet