Crush #154

Spotify Playlist

"Oh Pennsylvania, Your Black Clouds Hang Low" - Planning for Burial
"New Bridge" - Lovesliescrushing, Fiorella 16
"Wizard of the Black Hundreds" - Have A Nice Life

"Baby Love (Astrobrite Remix)" - Taleen Kali, Astrobrite
"Flowers in the Void" - Vyva Melinkolya
"jadakiss" - They Are Gutting a Body Water

"The Living End" - The Jesus and Mary Chain
"Dig" - Nothing
"Leaf" - Title Fight
"Geographic" - Cheatahs

"See-Saw" - The Faith Healers
"Sounds of Sebring" - Swirlies
"danke" - my dead girlfriend
"Catching Squirrels" - Velocity Girl