GIRL ROCK – May 24, 2021

Listen to two hours of Girl Rock this summer every Monday from 7-9 pm!

“Look the Other Way” – Family Friends
“Brain Song” – Gum Country
“I Feel Alive” – TOPS
“Dance For Love” – Zella Day

“Savage Good Boy” – Japanese Breakfast
“Free” – Pageants
“Good Bad Times” – Hinds
“Girl” – bed.

“Moonlight” – Dehd
“Jeannie Becomes a Man” – Caroline Rose
“You’re Not There” – Lunch Ladies
“Preoccupied” – Slow Pulp

“Cigarette Packet” – Sorry
“Triptych” – Samia
“Bunk Beds” – Dori Valentine
“Swimming” – Maple Glider

“Only The Strong” – Laura Marling
“Cheers” – Faye Webster
“Honeysuckle” – Amy O
“Take Care” – SASAMI

“Wine World” – Pink Section
“Piu di te (I Won’t Tell) – Mina
“Oh to Be in Love” – Kate Bush
“Queen of High School” – Hana Vu, WILLOW

“Waking the Dreaming Body” – Karima Walker
“The Day I Drove the Car Around the Block” – Indigo Sparke
“Less of a Girl” – Blossom Caldarone
“Pushin Against the Wind” – Kelsey Lu

“Endless Dark” – Bailie
“Forever” – Lydia Ainsworth
“The Bells” – Lowell
“All My Girls Like To Fight” – Hope Tala

“Easy Listening” – Family Fodder
“Saturated” – Barrie
“MODERATION” – Chloe Lilac