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54-46 Playlist 4/22/21

Winston Jarrett and the Righteous Flames – Rocking Vibration
Junior Delgado – Row Fisherman Row
Dennis Brown – Ole Man River
Strugglers’ Time – The Expanders

Junior Byles, Kojak & Liza – Dreadlocks Time/ Fist to Fist
Big Youth – Hit the Road Jack
Harry Belefonte – Banana Boat (Day-O)

The Police – Walking on the moon
The Clarendonians – Do It Right
Llans Thelwell & His Celestials – Choo-Choo Ska
The Scofflaws – Ska Groovy

Dub Magnificent – King Tubby
Swing Thing – Swing Thing
Luciano – Knocking on heavens door
Underspell dub – internet spy


Playlist for Tokyo Dreams (4/22/21)

This week is a Tatsuro Yamashita Special so all songs are made by the father of city pop himself!

Song – Album

Loveland, Island – For You

MAGIC WAYS – Big Wave (30th Anniversary Edition) 

Merry-Go-Round – Joy: Tatsuro Yamashita CD2

Morning Glory – For You

Plastic Love – Joy: Tatsuro Yamashita CD1


Sparkle – For You

Fragile – Cozy

Someday (いつか) – RIDE ON TIME

Good Night ( おやすみ) – RIDE ON TIME

Door to Summer (夏への扉) – RIDE ON TIME

Crush #151

Spotify Playlist

"Hide" - Deserta
"Sun Kills Moon" - The Florist
"Junebouvier" - Whirr
"Frontier" - Bethany Curve

"Around the Sun" - Life on Venus
"A Fading Smile" - Alcian Blue
"Purple Sunshine" - The Stargazer Lilies
"Oceanographer" - the sleepover disaster

"Sundiver" - The Daysleepers
"NYE" - Bloody Knives
"Spring" - Malory

decompositions april 21 2021 || i ii iii iiii iiiio o o oo o

Ryan Dorin – The Adventures of Happyman on the Red Planet – Act I

Sunday Special 4/18/21 — The Amen Collection

Lemon D – I Can’t Stop
Pete Cannon – Untitled
Cunninlynguists – Since When
crustangel – The Star
Flying Louts – Parisian Goldfish
Love Regenerator – Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)
Venetian Snares – Eurocore MVP
Close Up Over – Caz (Squarepusher Remix)
Outside – To Forgive But Not Forget
ESPRIT 空想 – peter.wav
Wagon Christ – Sci-Fi Staircase
The Bug & Daddy Freddy – Run The Place Red (AFX mix)