slow riot 6/22/20 — where i am now is no better than where i’ve been *

The Face of Another

charles baudelaire — spleen iv
john bender — 35b5 records
arthur rimbaud — farewell
carl stone — sonali
paul verlaine — claire de lune
ricky eat acid — in rural virginia, watching glowing lights crawl from the dark corners of the room + inside your house; it will swallow us too
andre breton — always for the first time
mitchell akiyama — tied to the mast
virginia astley — with my eyes wide open i’m dreaming
kazumasa hashimoto — encyclopedic landscape

ariel kalma — le temps de moissons
kallabris — baldur
psychodrama — jesus cry
yuko utsumi, midori takada, junko arase — still park (ensemble)
yumiko morioka — moon road
u ba than — nan gyar nyo kyaw
d-clone — drop a noise bomb ep