Mode 7 ~ 12/01/2019

The Finals Show

A bit more than an hour of music to pump everyone up for the upcoming finals. Or anything else if you don’t have any.

The Playlist!

Undertale – Your Best Nightmare
Touhou 12 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object – Heian Alien
Pandora’s Tower – Until I Return to Your Side
Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire – Battle! Lorekeeper Zinnia

Fire Emblem Sacred Stones – Return of the Demon King
Dead Cells – The Observatory
Atelier Ayesha – Slag Dance
The Binding of Isaac – Boss Theme
NieR: Automata – Song of the Ancients – Atonement (Vocals)

Persona 3 – Master of Shadow
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor – War [Armon Ritter]
Cthulhu Saves the World – Push Through Once More
Tokyo Mirage Session #FE – Boss Battle

Final Fantasy IV – Boss Battle SNES + DS Mashup
Final Fantasy Type-0 – Howl of the Dreadnought / Echo of the Dreadnought
Bravely Default – That Person’s Name Is

The Last Story – Dance of Death
Xenoblade Chronicles – An Obstacle in Our Path
Final Fantasy VI – Decisive Battle (Remix)
Guacamelee – Boss Theme