Girl Rock – November 12th, 2019

“Mexico (una pirámide al revés)” – Maria Usbeck
“The Moon Hangs In The Sky Like Nothing Hangs In The Sky” – Yohuna
“Digital Light Field” – Lisel
“Vision Scraps” – Lightning Bug

“Conceptual Romance” – Jenny Hval
“Clusters” – Carla dal Forno
“Truth or Dare” – Heaven
“Itaca Tropical” – NOIA

“Online” – Claud
“mercury” – Ada Lea
“Tell U” – Couch Prints

“Icing on the Cake” – Grace Ives
“Mirror” – Grace Ives
“Red” – Spellling
“Eternal” – Holly Herndon

“Glacial Wave” – Noveller