Pantone 292 – 10/24/2019

dizzy joghurt – nonsense is good

tricorollars – fairy daily tale

the darnells – too hurt to cry, too much in love to say goodbye

miniskirt – these fish glow in the dark

nelories – indie pop car baby

donna lynn – i’d much rather be with the girls

linus’ blanket – show me love

the teddy bears – little things mean a lot

roly poly rag bear – wave of the hand, goodbye

the young generation – the hideaway

cherry letter – i love my life

the girls – chico’s girl

bitter cherry jam – sing a song

julie driscoll – i know you love me not

tirolean tape – confession (they say that i always spoil their fun)

maxine brown – whatever happened to our love

eggstone – it’s not the rain

loveletter – forget that girl

the toys – may my heart be cast into stone

the penny candles – swings and roundabouts

yvonne carroll – mister loveman