Pantone 292 – 9/12/2019 – 69 Love Songs Special

69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields turned 20 years old a few days ago so we celebrated by playing some rad songs from it

pictured: daniel johnston, who passed away yesterday :~(

daniel johnston – the story of an artist

the magnetic fields – washington d.c.

– come back from san francisco

– i don’t want to get over you

– reno dakota

– i’m sorry i love you

– when my boy walks down the street

– (crazy for you) but not that crazy

– a chicken with its head cut off

– nothing matters when we’re dancing

-xylophone track

– love in the shadows

– i shatter

– boa constrictor

– my only friend

– the cactus where your heart should be

– epitaph for my heart

– busby berkeley dreams

– long-forgotten fairytale

– let’s pretend we’re bunny rabbits

– yeah! oh yeah!

-experimental music love