Mode 7 – 07/28/19

The Monster Hunter Show!

I’ve been playing way too much Monster Hunter lately, so I decided to have a huge set dedicated to this great game!.

The Playlist!

Monster Hunter: World – Nergigante’s Theme
Monster Hunter: World – Rotton Vale Battle
Monster Hunter Stories – Main Theme
Monster Hunter Swing – Brachydios’ Theme
Monster Hunter Ethnic Sounds – Proof of A Hero
Monster Hunter Ethnic Sounds – To One With Life

Final Fantasy XII – Speechless Fight
Soma Bringer – The One Who Soars Over the World
The Unfinished Swan – Unfinished Swan
Freedom Planet – Relic Maze
Cadence of Hyrule – Overworld
Cadence of Hyrule – Lost Swamp
Transistor – Forecast
Clarity – Ibb & Obb
Katana ZERO – All For Now