Girl Rock – July 16th, 2019

“She’s so Lovely” – The Butchies

“Cyclic Cowboy” – No Frills Twins
“Icy” – Kim Petras
“Girls Your Age” – Transviolet
“Wildest Moments” – Jessie Ware

“Like You Like That” – L Devine
“Summer Forever” – Bahari
“My Boots” – Lights
“Mine” – Slayyyter

“I Want Her” – Blind Fury feat. Georgia Harris
“I Think She Knows” – Kaki King
“The Future Is Here” – Sleater Kinney
“Any Kind of Crowd” – Filthy Friends

“Never Again” – Thin Lips
“Sixteen” – Chelsea Cutler
“Spaceman” – Chloe Black

“Horizon” – Luna Blake