Mode 7 – 05/12/19

The REPEAT Yousuke Show

We had a re-airing of our Yousuke show! this guy is so good, so it was nice to play his music again 🙂

The Playlist!

Kekkaishi: Kokubourou Shuurai – Unknown Track Title
Trash 006 – Counter Strike
Megaman Network Transmission – Vs. Zero
Mighty Switch Force 2 – Soak Patrol Alpha
Mighty Switch Force 2 – Soft Collision
Mighty Switch Force 2 – Exothermic

Under Night In-Birth – Blood Drain Again
Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire
Eschatos – Point of No Return
Botanic Sage – Running the Baseline (Jet Set/Sonic Remix)
Avizura – Turn The Tides (Super Smash Brothers Remix)

Yousuke Yasui – Unpublished Stage
Etrian Odyssey II – The First Campaign
Mighty Switch Force – Love You Love You Love
Eschatos – Stellar Light