Pantone 292 – April 4th 2019 <3

pictured: gene defcon (bottom) and smokey harris

rocketship – you’re too young

ivy – digging your scene

my favorite – absolute beginners again (preppy murder)

reparata & the delrons – eddie my love

math and physics club – la la la lisa

joel sebastian – angel in blue

the motifs – people like us

mary wells – i’m so sorry

barcelona – studio hair gel

melodie group – you’ve got the whole world in your mouth

bad dream fancy dress – rave-up

the raveonettes – gone forever

the siddeleys – my favorite wet wednesday afternoon

andre williams – shoo-doo

crying – es

gene defcon – she’s on mtv

derrell banks – open the door to my heart

marine girls – the lure of the rock pools

imaginary pants – cat nights

miaow – grocer’s devil daughter

saturday looks good to me – hands in the snow