Mode 7 – 3/31/2019

The Rogue-like Show

Games where a single mistake can be the end and all your poor progress is reset, rogue-likes are here to ruin your happiness.

The Playlist!

Tangledeep – Exploring the Shifting Stones
Rogue Legacy – Stereo Blindness
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – Ambush
Slay the Spire – Exordium
Crypt of the NecroDancer – Fungal Funk

Book of Demons – Die, Demons Die!
One Way Heroics – Talk / Conversation Theme
Hand of Fate 2 – Return to the Game
Enter the Gungeon – Enter the Gungeon
Nuclear Throne – Crystallized Fear

Organ Trail – Highways and Headstones
Risk of Rain – Dew Point
Don’t Starve – On Every Occasion Ready for the Fight
FTL: Faster Than Light – Civil (Explore)
Dungeon of the Endless – Skulk Around

Sunless Skies – Star Maddened Skies
Vagante – Shop
Kingdom – Clover
Hero Siege – Village 1