Sunday ?Special — 12-/9-/18 N O I S E roç

Unwound – Lucky Acid
Unwound – Understand & Forget
Drive Like Jehu – Do You Compute
Polvo – When Will You Die for the Last Time in My Dreams
Unwound – Fingernails on a Chalkboard

The Jesus Lizard – Then Comes Dudley
Shellac – Dog and Pony Show
Seam – Stage 2000
Royal Trux – (Edge of the) Ape Oven

Codeine – Second Chance
The Paper Chase – A Face That Could Launch A Thousand Ships
Stereolab – Our Trinitone Blast
Ewa Braun – Ptaki Czują Jesień

Polvo – Duped
Modest Mouse – Beach Side Property
Slint – Kent
Cop Shoot Cop – Low.Com.Denom
Bardo Pond – Tommy Gun Angel
Unwound – Below The Salt