Mode 7 – 08/05/18

The Maxo Show

Similar to last week, we’re doing a guest set using the favorite video game tunes of game composers. This week, it’s MAXO!!!

The Playlist!

Sonic CD – Palmtree Panic Good Future
Etrian Odyssey V – Labyrinth I – Guardian
Pangya Portable – A Dive Into Volcano
The Adventures of Bayou Billy – Stage 1
Super Mario RPG – Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster
Pokemon Black & White 2 – Humilau City

Sonic Adventure – Leading Lights (Lost World)
Mario Artist – So Kawaii!!
HyperZone – Neo Megalopolis
Shining Wisdom – Second Effort
Kirby Star Allies – Planet Caverna
Pokemon Quest – Expedition/First Steppe
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door – We’re Counting on You Mario

Super Monkey Ball 2 – World 7: Bubbly Washing
Maboshi’s Arcade – Bar None
Elebits – A Spaceship Fantasy
Wave Race 64 – Southern Island
Sonic 3D – Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2
Super Pokemon Rumble – Ice Battle
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Downtown 4