slowriot 7/9/18 – slapdash life: ennui, listlessness / i am lugubrious

notekillers — motorcycle song
notekillers — run don’t stop
notekillers — spaceland chant
notekillers — roll over stockhausen
storm & stress — today is totally crashing & stunned in bright lights
set fire to flames – your guts are like mine
set fire to flames – when sorrow shoots her darts
hangedup – (re)view from the ground
don caballero — stupid puma
the redneck manifesto — rubber up
aburadako — 秘境にて
victims family — me vs everything
cheval de frise — deux nappes ductiles

jeromes dream — 35
chll pll — hold this hand of rowdy light
giraffes? giraffes! — a quick one while she’s away
rumah sakit — i can’t see anything when i close my eyes
sweep the leg, johnny — please send me roses before i am dead
rodan — bible silver corner
37500 yens — astero
shellac — shoe song
the sonora pine — cloister
kaki king — doing the wrong thing