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54-46 Playlist 4/23/2018

The Expanders – Blood Morning
Barrington Levy – Under Me Sensi
Sensamotion – Natural Girl
Big Mountain – Llena Mi Vida

Augustus Pablo – East of the River Nile
The Ethiopians – Train to Skaville
Eek-a-Mouse – Ganja Smuggling
The Meditations – Rootsman Party

Winston Reedy – The Word (In the Beginning)
Aswad – I Need Your Love –by request
Dreadsquad – Clean Up

Col. Lloyde – Tender Touch
Aston Familyman Barrett – Familyman in Dub
Monty Montgomery – Enjoy Yourself

NO! ep 18


Tom Zé – Complexo de épico
Agentss – Agentss
Sexo Explícito – É Facil ( O Triunfo Da Verdade)
Black Future – Eu Sou O Rio
Akira S. e as Garotas que Erraram — Ana Lógica
Vzyadoz Moe – O Incerto
Divergencia Socialista – Fahrenheit 451 / Jeanne Seberg
Patife Band – Poema Em Linha Reta
Hermeto Pascoal – 04 Suite Paulistana
Marco Bosco – Madeira II (Mãe Terra)
João De Bruçó and R H Jackson – Terra Batida
Ubunto – Terreiro Eletrônico
Lelo Nazario – Discurso Aos Objetos

Circadian Rhythms 04.22.18

Went through some classic instrumentals from waaaay back as well as some new stuff too. Hope you enjoy.

Follow our playlist here for more music:


  1. The World is Yours – Will Sessions
  2. Stop Fronting – The Alchemist (instrumental)
  3. Very Special – Funky DL (instrumental version)
  4. The Diary (instrumental) – J Dilla
  5. Players – Slum Village (instrumental)
  6. Yeah Nah – Kenny Segal
  7. Cherry – Chromatics
  8. Stay the Night – B.Bravo Mr Carmack remix
  9. Xplosive – Dr Dre (Instrumental)
  10. Made Man – Pete Rock (instrumental)
  11. For Da Love of Da Game – DJ Jazzy Jeff (instrumental)
  12. All I do Is Think Of You – The Jackson 5
  13. Once an Addict (interlude) – J.Cole
  14. Hustle (instrumental) – Slum Village
  15. Tiden Flyver – Boom Clap Bachelors
  16. All To You – Sabrina Claudio

Mode 7 – 04/22/18

The All-Over-The-Place Show

This week we played a lot of different genres and stuff that normally shouldn’t go together right after one another. WHOOPS.

The Playlist!

Secret of Mana – Into the Thick of It (Time Rock Orchestra)
Chrono Trigger – Wind Scene
Ni No Kuni 2 – The Boundless Skies (Airship Theme)

Celeste – First Steps
Celeste – Confronting Myself
Celeste – Forsaken City (Maxo)
Monster Hunter World – Ancient Forest Battle
Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate – Zinogre Battle

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Kingdom of Uraya (Day)
Knuckle Sandwich – Handsome Humanoids
Knuckle Sandwich – Back Alley Beat
Kirby Super Star – Taking Over the Halberd
Kirby and The Rainbow Curse – The Snowball Fight
Kirby and The Rainbow Curse – Sky Tower
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse – The Legendary Halbred

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from Friday, April 20th (“The Atlanta Black Archives”) Episode 381

Hear the show at

“Electric Lady” by Janelle Monae

Interview with Traci Drummond (Georgia State University), Holly Smith (Spelman College), and Tiffany Atwater Lee (Atlanta University Center)
(includes excerpt of “Harlem” by Bill Withers)

File this set under Z688.A55 I57:
“How I Got Over” by Mahalia Jackson
“What Came First the Egg or the Hen” by Koko Taylor

Continued interview with Traci Drummond, Holly Smith, and Tiffany Atwater Lee
(includes excerpt of “Boogie On Reggae Woman” by Stevie Wonder)

File this set under E185.96 .H332:
“The Nitty Gritty” by Shirley Ellis
“Action Speaks Louder than Words” by Chocolate Milk

Continued interview with Traci Drummond, Holly Smith, and Tiffany Atwater Lee
(includes excerpt of “Moanin’ and Groanin’” by Bill Withers)

File this set under PZ8.3.J6334:
“Stand” by Sly and the Family Stone

“Say It Loud — I’m Black and I’m Proud” by James Brown

Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks, “The Library Beyond the Book” on Friday, April 27th!

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