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Decompositions | 4-25-2018 | Ewas

Riri Shimada + Takehisa Kosugi – Gnossiennes No. 1 – No. 5 (Side B)

Grisey –  Partiels

Charlemagne Palestine – The Piano Drone

Goldsoundz – April 24, 2018


Kurt Inder – Oranges
Stevie Dinner – Manic Phases
Vansire – Halcyon Age

Pinkshinyultrablast – Dance AM
Superbody – Harvest
Goth Babe – Swimming

Forth Wanderers – Not For Me
MorMor – Heaven’s Only Wishful
Cherry Glazerr – Juicy Socks
Laura Sauvage – Alien (Anything Like It, Have You?)

Little Bird – Honey Leak
Arbes – Beach Side
Eureka California – MKUltra
Red Sea – Grape

Who Is She? – Seattle Freeze

Freaker’s Ball | #90 | 2018 April 24

Image result for jimmy buffett down to earth

We the unwilling (to believe in the lie) have done so much (survive) for so little, now attempt to do the impossible (rebirth) with nothing (but ourselves).

The Freaker’s Ball

Song Artist Album Year
“Daughter of the Night”

“If Not for You”

“Do It Again”

“Wild Night”

“Long Train Running”

Richie Havens The End of the Beginnning 1976
“Captain America”

“Ain’t He a Genius”


“There’s Nothin’ Soft About Hard Times”

“I Can’t Be Your Hero Today”

“Truckstop Salvation”

Jimmy Buffett Down to Earth 1970
“Truth’ll Set You Free”

“Burning Love”

“Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way”

“Hard Rock Lover”

Mother’s Finest Another Mother Further 1977

Slow Riot 4/24/18: oh god; quickly

storm and stress — we write threnodies, we write with explosions
coptic light — mix
trioVD — returns
jealousy mountain duo — david has awesome hair
haino keiji & yoshida tatsuya — canal street
haino keiji & yoshida tatsuya — east village
all scars — c
ZU & mats gustafsson — palace of reptiles

invalids — master of the atom
vacuus — hyperkulturemia
piniol — bran coucou
le vilain mandarin — poiL
mirthkon — daddylonglegz
the mercury tree — permutations
toe and toki asako — goodbye

Sub Saharan Vibes — April 23, 2018

  1. Ismael Lo  —  Tajabone
  2. Oliver Mtukudzi  —  Kunze Kwadoka
  3. Afel Bocum  —  Buribalal
  4. Sona Jobarteh  —  Jarabi
  5. Fela Kuti  —  Confusion
  6. Le Grand Kalle  —  Parafifi
  7. Kanda Bongo Man  —  Cantique

Sona Jobarteh is performing at the Rialto Center for the Arts on April 29. She is also conducting a masterclass in Atlanta on April 30. For more information go to and