slow riot 12/11/17: the snow falls heavy on our will- degrading it each day

rumah sakit — wind & wing
rumah sakit — i can’t see anything when i close my eyes
them, roaring twenties — labia arabia
them, roaring twenties — 10 million scientologists can’t be wrong
tide/edit — ten
upsilon acrux — in-a-gadda-devito (live)
planets — o people
planets — vow of silence
marnie stern — transformer
o lucky man! — stymie my fo fum
friend/enemy — i once loved someone, etc.
swims — (pop) the bubble boy
ruins — mennevuogth
ruins — chittam irangaayo

bastro — decent skin
lines across maps — butterfly picture
dilute — rock and or roll
loose lips sink ships — dr. alfred kunkleberg taught us how to photosynthesize our mustaches
nuito — intrjctn / hinemos / 弋
pretend — spiral born black into the upwards night
loose lips sink ships — no. 1
adebesi shank — having a wonderful christmastime
ttng — in the branches of yggdrasil