Mode 7 – 12/03/17

The Educational Credits Show

Everybody should be getting smarter and getting to the end of this semester of school (If you’re still in school)

The Playlist!

Big Brain Academy for Wii – Title Screen
Brain Age – Ranking
Poly Bridge – Other Side of the Bridge
SpongeBob SquarePankts: Typing Game – Soundtrack
Spacechem – Some Elements
Zoombinis Mountain Rescue – Level 4
Silicon Zeroes – Full Soundtrack

Pokemon Emerald – Credits
BlazBlue Continuum Shift – Credit Roll A
Drakengard 2 – End Credits
Kingdom Hearts II – Fantasia Alla Marcia

Soul Calibur III – Path of Destiny
Severed – Take My Hand

No More Heroes – No More Heroes
Undertale – Credits Mix