Goldsoundz – Decemeber 12th, 2017

Harmless – “You’re Being Stupid”
Dinner – “Marble Eyes”
Ryan Power – “The Cavalry”

Laure Briard – “Dreams”
Le Tigre – “Eau D’Bedroom Dancing’
El Ultimo Vecino – “Culebra, Columna, y Estatua”

Matthew Lee Cothran – “Farrah Abraham”
CE Schneider Topical – “Trick Candles”
Quarterbacks – “Weekend”

Morning Teleportation – “The Code”

The Cold Seas – “Where Is My Head”
Henry Nowhere – “Don’t Care Where”
Sam Evian – “I Remember”

Twin Peaks – “In The Meadow”
Pinc Louds – “Shaking”