slow riot 11/6/17: my dark dreams infected the power grid

People for Audio – And This Will Be Our Homecoming (2005)

bearcubbin’! – stephen baldwin’s address at the white house press correspondants dinner
ttng – whatever, whenever
delta sleep – spy dolphin
invalids – it’s a pipe bomb, jobriath
piglet – tsi tsi ki
pretend – alive in the tone
stage kids – questions and answers
tfvsjs – battle from the bottom
thee silver mt. zion – there is a light

clever girl — ohmygodiloveyoupleasedontleaveme
lite — bond
ハイスイノナサ — 地下鉄の動態
anoice — the three-days blow
people for audio — to new beginning
people for audio — sidewalks and skylines
beef terminal — daysdreams of wasted time
beef terminal — january sun
夢中夢 – 祈り