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Freaker’s Ball | #80 | 2017 November 28

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Before you build any castles in Spain…the chance has gone by.

F R E A K E Я ‘S B A L L

Song Artist Album Year
“Yours Is No Disgrace”

“The Clap”

“Starship Trooper”

Yes The Yes Album 1971

“Just a Thought”

“Cross Country”

“In the Midnight Hour”

Cross Country Cross Country 1973
“The Voice”


“Day After Day (The Show Must Go On)”

“Total Eclipse”

“Genesis Ch.1 V.32”

The Alan Parsons Project I Robot 1977


slow riot 11/27/17 – you forgot the top

bark psychosis — scum
theta naught — protector from the sea
this is your captain speaking — weathered
this is a process of a still life — constantly under surveillance
37500 yens — the sullivan’s quartet
time coloumns — summer
fago.sepia — quatorze
tenebre — the story of a boy on a ladder

paul newman — work to do
uzeda — i’m getting older
uzeda — stomp
zu — ostia
russian circles — youngblood
red sparowes — alone and unaware, the landscape was transformed in front of our eyes
the redneck manifesto – weird waters
knot feeded — mastering the mountains
connect four orchestra — 7 inch

54-46 Playlist 11/27/17

Sister Carol – Wild Thing
Pablo Moses – Bomb Nation
The Wailing Souls – Something Funny
Yabby You – Zambia Dub ft. Jah Walton

Third World – Prisoner in the Street
Johnny Osbourne – Rock-A-Dub
The Ethiopians – Engine 54
Junior Murvin – Tedious

Althea and Donna – The West
Don Carlos – Hog and Goat
Midnite – Conquering Lion
Ijahman Levi – Jah Heavy Load

Tenor Saw – Ring the Alarm

Circadian Rhythm 11.26.17



  1. In The Moment – Silo
  2. Diamonds in PhillyPenn – Naj
  3. The Look of Love, Pt 1 – Slum Village
  4. Oh Honey – Delegation
  5. Sugar – Freddie Joachim and K,Le Maestro
  6. Runnin – J-Dilla
  7. Alicia Keys + J-Dilla – Girlfriend
  8. Think Twice – J-Dilla
  9. Miradonlina – Burnier e Cartier (NewLifeEdit)
  10. Ja Fun Mi (Instrumental) – King Sunny Ade
  11. You Don’t Know What Love is – Sonny Rollins
  12. Times Moves Slowly (feat Samuel T. Herring) – BadBadNotGood
  13. Two Sides – Ajmw
  14. Constructive Interference – Evil Needle
  15. For Good – Remi Kolawale feat Sampha The Great
  16. Mon Amie De’troit – Tall Black Guy

Mode 7 – 11/26/2017

The Chillin on Soundcloud Show

Have a chill hour to ease you back into the non-break mindset. With many suggestions from Collin.

The Playlist!

(This first section is off of Soundcloud not Youtube)
Blue Omen Operation – Blue Omen Operation Theme – Michael Staple
Megaman Battle Network Chrono X – Execute! – Michael Staple
Mother 4 – Battle Against a Dreamy Foe – GameChops
Mother 4 – Battle Against a Clueless Foe – GameChops
Mother 4 – Places on a Side Road – GameChops
Kirby Canvas Curse – Vs Drawcia Sorceress (Remix) – it0ki

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Lost Woods
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Sunny Evening
Megaman Battle Network 2 – Peace Again
Touhou Genso Wanderer – The Eternal Eientei
Doki Doki Literature Club! – My Feelings
Endless Legend – Auriga’s Song

Night in the Woods – Mae’s House II
BlazBlue Calamity Trigger – Stardust Memory
Doki Doki Literature Club! – Your Reality
Machinarium – Clockwise Operetta
VA-11 Hall-A – Dusk

Cytus – The Last Illusion
Persona 5 – Butterfly Kiss
Etrian Odyssey Untold – Emerald Woodlands
Oxenfree – Lantern
Persona 5 – Last Surprise