NO! ep 3

***this episode focused mainly on the influence of the no wave era in modern music
Sonic Youth – untitled (off the 1981 Noise Fest cassette)

Palm – Trying
Pallas – Render
Old Maybe – What’s Keeping You

Palberta – Nose
Body Meat – possibility rhythm
Erase Errata – Tongue Tied
ZZZ’s – Busy Bee
Kurws – Ucieczka od wolności
SHIMMER – Crystal Listerine
Zs – Don’t Touch Me
Imelda Marcos – Painting of Skeletal Goats Grinding Their Teeth Across the Sky
The World – Some Like It Hot
Esmectatons – Dada Perceptions – Adult Lasagna
Horse Lords – Truthers

Hellier Ulysses – Eat the Police
Ravioli Me Away – Wow
The Sediment Club – Deeper Into Hell
Table Sugar – straight shooter
Silver Daggers – joy