slow riot 10/30/17: my days are numbered, i etch them on a tree each night

envy — further ahead of warp
heaven in her arms — abyss of the moonbow
many arms — greater mass
no respect for beauty — i am a shadow
set fire to flames — wild dogs of the thunderbolt/”they cannot lock me up”
esmerine — la lucha es una sola
the evpatoria report — prognoz

september malevolence — beaufort 9, and rising
sgt. — ムノユラギ
honey for petzi — post-teenage state
helvetia — gladness (is in the heart)
the cancer conspiracy — d. live through the age of radio
exquirla — el grito del padre
i would set myself on fire for you — we are in favor of closure
hood — boer farmstead
duster — want no light to shine