Psych Out! 10/11/2017

Azalia Snail – Soft Bloom – Purr in a gyre
Omar Rodriguez Lopen, John Frusciante – GSL’s Special Twelve Singles Series – 0=2
Steve Hillage – L – Om Nama Shivaya
Lightning Bolt – Fantasy Empire – Leave The Lantern Lit
Miles Davis – Dark Magus – Wili (Part 2)
Mahavishnu Orchestra -The Inner Mounting Flame – You Know, You Know
Ozric Tentacles – The Bits Between the Bits – Secret Names

Zoogz Rift – Idiots on the Minature Golf Course – Would you F-I-B to the FBI
Azalia Snail – Fumarole Rising – Please Don’t Come Here
Supreme Dicks – Workingman’s Dick – Arise! Life Giving Seagull
Spires That in The Sunset Rise – Beasts in the Garden – Beasts in the Garden
No Trend – Tritonian Nash-Vegas Polyester Complex – Choc-o-jet
Pere Ubu – Song of the Bailing Man – The Long Walk Home
Cows – Cunning Stunts – The Woman Inside Me