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Crush #34

Silvania = Sé Girasol
Electro Group – Line of Site
Patio Solar – Destellos de algo
Isobella – Black Hair, Green Eyes
Blueshift Signal – Absolution
Freezing Butterfly – Switched

Paint in Watercolour – The Sweetest Sugar
The Spirit of the Beehive – future looks bright (it’s blinding)
Comet – Rocket Flare
Starlight Conspiracy – Silver Holler
Univers – Iceberg
Crescendo – Softly
Cosmic Child – one day we’ll grow up and nothing will matter in the end
Helen – Violet

Decompositions 9-27-2017 Ryan

Sinfonia da Requiem – Jaejoon Ryu

Threnody to the Victims of Sewol Ship – Jaejoon Ryu

Three Worlds – Max Richter

Kucoshka | Live at WREK | 9-26-2017

Kucoshka took over Live at WREK with some jazz punk goodness. Check em out online here.

Goldsoundz – September 26th, 2017

Oginalii – “The Grey”
Sleeping Jesus – “COAST”
One11Twenty – “Stuck”

David Wax Museum – “Betray Everyone”
Rural Alberta Advantage – “Brother”
Wax Fang – “Serenity Advantage”

Moon King – “Ordinary Lover (feat. Natty G)”
TV Girl – “Cigarettes Out the Window”
Tess Roby – “Ballad 5”

Frankie Rose – “Trouble”
Litku Klemetti – “Jääkuningatar”

Municipality – “Miles Away”
Omni – “Calling Direct”
tikka – “New Time”

Freaker’s Ball | #74 | 2017 September 26

Image result for highway robbery for love or money

Will you be pleasin’, or will you be blue?

Freaky Bowl

Song Artist Album Year
“Life Ain’t Easy” Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show Belly Up! 1973
“Bad Road”

“Against the Wall”

“Number Two”

“Remedy for a Hazy Day”

“I Don’t Mind”

Shotgun Ltd. Shotgun Ltd. 1971
“Mystery Rider”


“All I Need (to Have Is You)”

“Lazy Woman”


“Ain’t Gonna Take No More”

“I’ll Do It All Again”

Highway Robbery For Love or Money 1972