Slow Riot 5/15/17: We’ve departed, and now our hearts lie on a different plane

ganger — lid of the stars
macha & bedhead — never underdose
esmerine — red fire farm
drill for absentee — ars poetica scribbled on a parking ticket
fugue — sirens
the bulletproof tiger — franko spanko’s greatest hits
stage kids — mornign sunrise
powder! go away — einstein so sad on the pictures…
te — it does not request the round meeting which
immanu el — radicalradical
kleg — jacky
wood and wires — telescopium

godspeed you! black emperor — the dead flag blues
sleep dealer — the way home
skotijbog — luna
god is an astronaut — forever lost
ttng — gibbon
slint — washer
don caballero — the peter crisis jazz