Slow Riot 3/27/17 We’ve returned, and our hearts now beat at a different cadence

artist — track
giraffes? giraffes! — when the catholic girls go camping, the nicotine vampires rule supreme
battles — tonto
saxon shore — marked with the knowledge
hangedup — broken reel
toe — two moons
sleepmakeswaves — tundra
caspian — roiseco
set fire to flames — omaha
blanck mass — rhesus negative

no clear mind — when you sat by your window pane
vasudeva — stop making yourself miserable
tortuganonima — bordis
100 onces — cannibals as leaders
sharks keep moving — third instrumental
vessels — elliptic
that fing tank — keanu reef
miaou — crumpets
the bulletproof tiger — our band name sucks