Girl Rock – February 28th, 2017

3 Local bands:
Junior Prom – Callout Song 4 Emo Teens
Flamingo Shadow – Vibe Control
Bitter – Stay (Playing at WREKtacular on April 8!)

Yucky Duster – Real Good Case of the Bads
Beverly Tender – Benji’s Song
IAN SWEET – Slime Time Live

Prinze George – Windows
Little Fevers – Can’t Get Enough
Family Friends – Look The Other Way

Dannika – Next to You
Big Tree – Storm King
Danielle Ate the Sandwich – This Weather
Mal Blum – Cool Party

Foxtails Brigade – No Fate
Sophie Madeleine – Count Me Like a Number
Eskimeaux – Alone at the Party

Laura Stevenson – Happier, Etc.