House of Horrors Part 2: Electric Boogaloo


This 2 hour of block of terror inducing music was as follows…

Song Artist
Dead On Arrival Michael Giacchino
Halloween Main Theme Zombie Zombie
Looking For The Magic Dwight Twilley Band
Los Alamos Michael Giacchino
Welcome Back Perturbator
Playpen Disasterpeace
Birth Steve Jablonsky
Them Masafumi Takada
Chainsaw Steve Jablonsky
Future Club Perturbator
Main Title Theme Song Bear McCreary
The Break Up Song The Greg Kihn Band
The Back Seat Killer Michael Giacchino
Doppel Disasterpeace
Biker Chase Steve Jablonsky
Mama’s House Steve Jablonsky
Hide and Seek Masafumi Takada
Grey Matter Masafumi Takada
Greg Disasterpeace
End Credits Michael Giacchino
Maniac 1980 Cluster Buster
Beyond Gost
Master Gost
Cosmo Black Dynatron
Creepy Closet Third Dimension Doorknob
Cursed Gost
Hourglass S U R V I V E
Night Crawler Gost
Invasion A.D. Carpenter Brut
I. Dogma Mick Gordon
Rip & Tear Mick Gordon
the Insidious flare Joseph Bishara
The Pillars of Ruin I, Valiance
Ceiling Teleportation Joseph Bishara
Entombment of a Machine Job For A Cowboy
Jarred Awake Joseph Bishara
Detestor (feat. Jessica Currys) Humanity’s Last Breath
Death & Exhale Mick Gordon