Radiobomb for February 2nd, 2016

Egyptomania by The Angry Samoans
Attack of the Mushroom People by The Angry Samoans
Goo Goo Muck by The Cramps
Dead End by The Detonators
I Don’t Wanna by The Detonators
Ick the Eem by Detox
Placidyl Polka (Eddie’s Drunk Again) by Detox
Evil Army by Evil Army
I Refuse to Sing by Really Red
Such Men Are Dangerous by F
Outcast by Bored Youth
Bloodstains by Agent Orange
Who Are You by Void
No Skate, No Thrash by Jellyroll Rockheads
You’re The Lucky One by Spooner
Police Brutality by Necros
I Failure by Autistic Youth
Lude Boy by Social Distortion
Sick Satisfaction by The Carbonas
Rich Daddy by The Dicks
Red Tape by Circle Jerks
Feel Like A Man by Negative FX
City to City by DYS
Lifestyles by Poison Idea