Radiobomb for February 16th, 2016

Hungry Dog In The Street by The Taxpayers
Auflug mit Franziska (LP) by Razzia [Songs 1-5]
I Hate Everything by Just Nick
So It Goes by Just Nick
Semi-Revolutionary by Just Nick
Reaganomics by Lemon Demon
Auflug mit Franziska (LP) by Razzia [Songs 6-7]

99 Red Balloons/Lufftbaloons by Goldfinger
Moment of Silence by Streetlight Manifesto
I Don’t Want To Be A Homosexual by Sloppy Seconds
The Candy Man by Sloppy Seconds
A Very Pretty Song For a Very Special Lady by The Ergs
Extra Medium by The Ergs
FishBulb by The Ergs
Most Violent Rap Group by The Ergs
Pray For Rain by The Ergs