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Freaker’s Ball | #33 | 2016 January 26

hall_of_the_mountain_grillPlaying some Eagles in honor of Glenn Frey, playing some Hawkwind in honor of Lemmy. It’s the funeral episode of the Freaker’s Ball.

Track List

  1. “Heartache Tonight” by Eagles on The Long Run released 1979.
  2. “Doolin-Dalton” by Eagles of Desperado released 1973.
  3. “I Want to Take You Higher” by Sly & The Family Stone on Stand released 1969.
  4. “Children of the Sun” by Billy Thorpe on Children of the Sun released 1979.
  5. “Lazy Waters” by The Byrds on Farther Along released 1971.
  6. “Lost Johnny” by Hawkwind on Hall of the Mountain Grill released 1974.
  7. “Devil’s Sweet” by Chicago on Chicago VII released 1974.
  8. “Over and Over” by Joe Walsh on But Seriously, Folks… released 1978.
  9. “I Want You” by KISS on Alive II released 1977.

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Slow Riot 01/25: we brave the cold because we need to triumph over those who contest what is rightfully ours, yes rightfully ours

artist — track
cloudkicker — a weather front was stalled out in the pacific–like a lonely person, lost in thought, oblivious of time.
cloudkicker — he would be riding on the subway or writing formulas on the blackboard or having a meal or (as now) sitting and talking to someone across a table, and it would envelop him like a soundless tsunami.
flight of the seraphim — the west part i

natsumen – whole lotta summer
miaou – morning sun
beast, please be still – a narrow escape
collections of colonies of bees – flocks iv
dios trio – japan
te – reason desires fair judgment anger desires the fact that judgment is visible
kairon; IRSE! – tzar morei

hangedup – no more bad future
tortoise – gesceap
sleeping people – polizei

Sub Saharan Vibes 1/25/2005

Artist                           Song

  1. Razia                                                          Salamalama Aby
  2. Dulce Matias                                               Nha Cumpadre Faustine
  3. Mokhtar Al Said & El Ferka El Masaya             Souhair’s Tabla   Belly dance Cafe
  4. Kilimambogo /Brothers                              Mwendwa Jane
  5. Cheikh Abdelkader Oueld Zine —             Sigha Med’heb, Pt. 2
  6. Zap Mama                                                 Guzophela
  7. Ziphansi Izintsizwa                                    Khuza Umkakho
  8. Doudou Ndiaye Rose                                Ndiouk
  9. Seleshe Damassae                                  Hoya Hoye
  10. Youssou N’dour                                         Bamba the Poet
  11. Fatoumata Diawara                                  Bakonoba
  12. Baloji                                                         La Petite Espéce (Bumbafu Version)
  13. Zamajobe                                                  Nokuthula
  14. Kanda Bongo Man                                    Lowazo

Shillelagh Law – 1/25/2016

  • Captain Of My Soul – Paddy and the Rats
  • Rose Tattoo – Dropkick Murphys
  • Danny Boy – Happy Ol’McWeasel
  • The Cruel Wars – The Dreadnoughts
  • Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya – The Clancy Brothers
  • Flower of Scotland – The Corries
  • Wild Mountain Thyme – Sarah Calderwood
  • Cruiscan Lan – The Whiskey Bards
  • Zmaji – Avven
  • Keelhauled – Alestorm
  • Barrett’s Privateers – The Real McKenzies
  • McAlpine’s Fusiliers – The High Kings
  • Me & The Moon – Gaelic Storm
  • Walk on The Moon – Great Big Sea
  • Musicbox – Enter the Haggis

Tapas and Tunes – 1.25.2016

  • Maximo Diego Pujol – Primavera Portena
  • Cuerdas de Borinquen – Seis Chorreao
  • Barbarito Torres – La comparsa (ft. Chucho Valdes & Jorge Reyes)
  • William Ernesto Centellas – Chaquiras de Luz
  • Oscar Miranda – Mi Amigo Cholo
  • Tito Puente – El Cayuco
  • Celia Cruz – Mi Vida Es Cantar
  • Eddie Palmieri – Para Que Escuchen
  • Joe Arroyo – El Labriego
  • Diomedes Díaz – Que Hubo Linda
  • Los Socios del Ritmo – Llorar
  • Rayito Colombiano – Al Despertar