Radiobomb for October 27th, 2015

Radio Callsign by Lockjaw
Opus 666 by Banane Metalik
Iccabod by Graveyard Drifters
Friday the 13th by ZOMBIE!
Nasty by The Damned
All Murder, All Guts, All Fun by Samhain
Halloween by The Misfits
Halloween II by The Misfits
Pet Sematary by The Ramones
Ghost Town by The Specials
Scare Me by DEADBOLT
Halloween Night by The Freeze
In The City by The Jam
Monsters by Pink Lincoln
Pick Your Poison by 45 Grave
Black Roses by Sloppy Seconds
Runnin ‘ From The CIA by Sloppy Seconds
I’m Not A Loser by Descendents
Parents by Descendents
Tonyage by Descendents