Kosher Noise Playlist 8/3/15 – Mix!

Name Artist Album
Wooden Hearts Ariel Root Wolpe ft. Matt Lipkins Spirit sounds
Pesah Ala Mano  La Rondinella A Song of David: Music of the Sephardim and the Renaissance Spain
Ten Lasin Ta Rosh Al Duna Gashash Gal- Yarok 2
Ki Va Moed Chai Fi The Chai Way
Ki Lo Ba La Mashina G’virotai v’Rabotai
In the Air The Apples Kings
Zion Mikey Pauker Extraordinary Love
Days Are Gone Haim Days Are Gone
The Well Minimal Compact  One + One by One
Karlibach  Kylie Minogue Live in Sydney
Adon Olam Pharaoh’s Daughter Water Within Water
Biladayh Eyal Golan Biladaich
Blue Dream Fortisakharof 1900?
Pineapple The Wailing Wall The Low Hanging Fruit
See Me Y-Love See Me