Radiobomb for 06/24/2014

Japanese Punk!

Dressed in Black by Teengenerate
Let’s Get Hurt by Teengenerate
Can-Nana Fever by Guitar Wolf
Fujiyama Attack by Guitar Wolf
Mune ga dokidoki (My Heart Pounding) by The High-Lows
Are You Ready? by The Raydios
Salinger by Blanket Jet City

Battlefield of Hell by Disclose*

Money by The Stalin

War Scars by Disclose*

Stop Girl by The Stalin
Hiroshima Nagasaki by Crow
Welcome to the Underground by Forward
Anger Burning by DSB
Face of Change by DSB
Blackout by Zeni Geva
Desperate Hours by Disclose

Steak by Peelander-Z
Ninja High School by Peelander-Z
Learn Japanese by Peelander-Z