Pretending to Know About E3 (6-15-14)

Powering on

Castle Crashers – Forest Entrance
Sonic Adventure 2 – Escape from the City
Child of Light – Little Girl
Little big planet 2 – Automation

Coming at Ya’ Fast

Zombies ate my Neighbors – Evening of the Undead (Request)
Okamiden – Preparing for Action
Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver – Title Theme
Tearaway – Squirrel Football
Transistor – Heightmap
Super Mario galaxy – Overture

Catching up on Requests

Metroid Prime – Meta Ridley (Request)
Starcracft – Terran up the night (Request)
Sly 3 – Dimitri Uderwater
Mega Man 2 – Air Man – One Ups

Last Call

Star Fox 64 – Corneria
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology – Blazing (Request)
MLP: Fighting is Magic – Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme
Super Mario Sunshine – Secret Course