Radiobomb for May 20th 2014

Super Unison — Drive Like Jehu
Poison in a Pretty Pill — Crass
Slavery — Capital Scum
Kita Tak Akan Lupa — Underline
Timber! — Bloody Mammalws
Dissonance — A Better Hope Foundation
Mentat Projection — Kashyyk
Flesh Design — The Coltranes
Phantasmagoria mystical expectation — void
Hiroshima — Moderat Likvidation
Suicidal Tendencies — Institutionalized
It Won’t Happen That Way — Intent
Cuervos — Trece
Kludge — New Gods
No Exit — Fed to the Wolves
Dwell — Left Astray
Dust of Earth — kato
Bazurah — Los Hijos del Culto