Mode7 with DJ JP Guest! (2/23/14)

Please Forgive JP for the Following

Zelda Link’s Awakening – Beneath (Shadow Battles)
Super Mario Strikers – Mario’s Theme
We Heart Katamari – Baby Universe Song
Papers Please – Theme Song (request)

Lets Keep the Party Going

Sonic and the Black Knight – Knight of the Wind (Instrumental)
Botanicula – Letejono
Tearaway – The Tavern
FTL – Colonial(Battle) (Request)
Guacamelee – Desierto Caliente (Request)

Dark Times Ahead

Bastion – Terminal March
Kingdom Hearts II – Dive Into the Heart (Request)
Borderlands 2 – Short change Hero (Request)

Something Old, Something New

Robot Unicorn Arrack – Battlefield by Blind Guardian
Metal Gear Solid 3 – Snake Eater