50 Lbs of Rice 1/13/2014

1. Back then(回到那时候) by Jiahui Xu(许佳慧)

2. Lonely Scarecrow(孤独的稻草人) by Chuyuan Wei(魏楚沅)

3. Wind in the World(天下之风) by Hanliang Zhong(钟汉良)

4. Highland(高地) by Feng Wang(汪峰)

5. After Smile(微笑以后) by Liangying Zhang(张靓颖)

6. God Has Eyes(老天有眼) by Youpeng Su(苏有朋)

7. Language of the Heart(心语) by Hong Han(韩红)

8. Bloom like Youth(像青春一样怒放) by Shui Mu Nian Hua(水木年华)

9. Acting(演戏) by Naien Wang(王乃恩)

10. That Girl(那个女孩) by Geng Han(韩庚)

11. Ai Lai Yi(爱来依) by Echo Guy(回音哥)

12. Dream by Xing Su(苏醒)